Youth café at Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V.

25. July 2016

Get to know each other.

On the 30th of July, Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V. invites you for the first time to an international youth café at Schiffbrücke 45.

Everyone is very welcome to join this day from 3 pm. We would like to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere in which we can play games, play board football, enjoy the roof terrace, get to know each other and collect ideas of how we would like to develop the project in the future together. Our aim is to mainly speak German—it does not matter how good you are, we just want to talk and develop our language skills together.

We will offer drinks and also some cake will be available. If you want to bring a cake or something similar yourself (maybe something typical from your home country), you are most welcome. In the evening we want to watch a movie together, which shows cultural differences. Afterwards we want to discuss about the movie.

Everyone is welcome and the offer is free of charge. Come and join us! We are looking forward meeting you!

When: 30th July 2016
Time: 3pm
Adress: Schiffbrücke 45 (Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V.)

Youth café at Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V.

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