To strike the sails

15. May 2018

Together on the Rumregatta.

For almost four years we are working with and especially to help people that had to leave their home countries and found a new home in Flensburg and its surroundings. Working in the field of refugees works as best in a team – together! Without the support of many volunteers over the last years but moreover the support for each other, we would not have been as successful as we are and some volunteers might not be active members anymore now. Besides helping refugees we really focus on team building. Working as a team is essential for our occupation. Everybody should feel good and hopefully also has some fun during his or her voluntary work.

The second year in a row we have been taking part in the Rumregatta Flensburg. On the “Ebba Aaen” (built in 1931) a danish fishing ship from Esbjerg, we started on friday morning from Sonderborg with a crew of 24 people.

Even though we did not have any wind we knew how to have a good time together, to enjoy the sun and the great view on the sea – just drifting! On board we were cooking, sharing one or another beer but mostly we talked a lot. We had the possibility to get to know each other better and share experiences about our voluntary activities.
Especially during the last year our team got much closer together. Work flows and the communication developed a lot. The outcome of this is that the quality of our work rises and the people who are in need get the best possible help.

Also in the future we are planning to do activities to develop our team spirit and the support for each other. We will be part of the next Rumregatta for sure and strike the sails towards future!

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