Soccer Cup at Flens-Arena

11. January 2016

A day full of soccer.

Yesterday we have been attending the Sparda-Bank-Hallencup in the Flens-Arena. Around 60 people watched the teams of FC St. Pauli, Bielefeld and local teams. Great sport was promised and in fact the games offered great entertainment. We really had a great day together. Also our friends from TV Grundhof joined us. A few months ago we started a cooperation with the club—today, the guys are well integrated in the club and some guys already have a license to play officially.

A big thank you to the organisation and especially to Sportpiraten. Through the intervention of the tickets, we were able to join the great event. We are happy to have such a great partner and being part of a good working network. Thank you!

Soccer Cup at Flens-Arena

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