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03. April 2018

The Intercultural Music Project, Flensburg.

Many people might already know about the Intercultural Music Project – Flensburg. If not, take the chance to get to know the band on one of their upcoming performances. It is really worth it.

In June 2016, Stylianos Antoniou realized an idea that had been in his mind for a long time, namely a group of musicians from different nationalities that play a lot of different instruments with different musical influences. No sooner said than done, the project was born under the slogan “Orient meets Occident”.

The band meets regularly to practice and they perform at different events, such as the New Year’s reception, the festival of cultures and the installation of the mayor Simone Lange. The band has a very mixed repertoire of songs from many different regions of the world. Instrumentally as well as vocally, the band fuses various traditional and cultural elements and modern and brand-new sounds are being created.

But besides the great music, there is another aspect that makes the project so exceptional. Currently, musicians from eight different countries are coming together to make music, regardless of their native language. Community lives up to its best. Several members of the band have a refugee background and found in the project much more than just making some music. Friendships have evolved and several common activities have been undertaken. 

Moreover, the people have been given the possibility to experience their passion, the music. The Intercultural Music Project from Flensburg is a great example of how well a community can work together and what a connecting element like music can offer to people. What has been developed since the inception of the project is really outstanding. We deeply hope that the band will inspire us with their music for a long time. You have our support anytime needed.

The project is always open for everyone and new musicians are always welcome, no matter where they are from or what instrument they play. For those who want to know more about the project or who are looking for a band for an event, you can find more information on Facebook.

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