Football tournament FørdePiraten

04. October 2015

A successful Sunday including breakfast and football tournament.

What a great Sunday!

At 10.00 pm we started to have breakfast together in Peppermint. As the week before, many people showed up to our breakfast offer. This time it was so good that the places to sit rarely fit. Unfortunately we ran out of cheese and alike cold cuts but this wasn't a huge problem since Café Central helped us out with a great donation—thank you very much for your help!

We are very happy that also our friends from Sternipark/Satrup joined us this time. The young refugees obviously enjoyed the board football and Nutella on bread.

After we were full, some of us as well as the guys from Satrup made their way to a football tournament from the FC. St.Pauli Fanclub FørdePiraten. In the first match we had to play against the youngsters of Flensburg 08. Nobody could really recognize the difference of the age of the players. After a hard match we lost 5-2.

We were able to win the second match against the team of FørdePiraten with 2-1. We have to compliment our youngest player at this point. Zozo, who is 6 years old scored the winning goal for our team. The rest of the tournament, from an sportive point of view, didn't went very successful.

We are not sure if the result of the tournament was caused by the fact that half of our team met a night before to enjoy a glass of water. We will probably never find out. Nevertheless we could reach a great 2nd place (at least this is what it says on our certificate).

In fact scoring and motivation is great, but other things matter as well—for instance that the members of FørdePiraten organized an amazing day. You brought many different people together and made many people smile that day.

Thank you for everything!

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