A house full of life

09. June 2016

Since two months an “intercultural house of meeting”

Exactly 2 months ago we opened the gates of our home at Schiffbrücke 45. We had the vision to create an “intercultural house of meeting” in which everybody is welcome and which offers all kind of opportunities. After a short time we are happy to announce that we, indeed created a house which is full of life and sense of community.

16 german classes from three different organisations take place in our facilities. Besides that, many people find their way to us to receive help, play tablefootball oder just hang out together. Also our kitchen works out perfectly.

Because of Ramadan it became a bit more silent during the last days but we are looking forward and welcome everyone who will visit us in the future—everyone is more than welcome. We would like to remind you that also other organisations and volunteers are welcome to use our facilities as long as it goes along with our goal.

A house full of life

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