Godparenthood for refugees

Together you are less alone.

The godparenthood project of Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V. is an offer that connects people for exchange and support for refugees. To do so we are depending on people from the region who are willing to give their knowledge and their competences to others on a voluntary basis. Depending on the personal situation different problems can appear which should be solved together.

The content of the godparenthood does not have any strict rules. We only match the people by in forehand filled out papers by the people and create the first contact. Of course we are being supportive and help where help is needed. We will also inform about interesting events or alike. 

We are connecting people in order to support people and need and create equal chances for participation.

We are happy that you are interested in taking over a godparenthood.

The idea of the godparenthood project is to support people consistent with their needs and let them have an equal participation in the matter of social and cultural life.
A godparenthood is based on voluntary work and can be ended from both sides at any time. The godparent works voluntarily without any payment. He supports where help is needed and supports the process of becoming independent.

Content, time and effort of the godparenthood is up to the participants.
Possible ways of support in a godparenthood:

  • Inclusion into existing cultural offers (music, sportsclubs, etc.)
  • Increasing the language skills through regular conversations
  • Support at official meetings, looking for a flat and so on
  • Homework help at different school subjects or 
  • Finding a place for a trainingship in a company

With warrant posters we try to match the people as good as possible by looking at their needs and interests. By doing so we can consider your wishes. You can download the warrant poster in our download area. If there are questions regarding the godparenthood, the situation of refugees in germany or whatever else, we are here to support you!
Thanks a lot for your support – we are looking forward to our cooperation.

For questions and further information you are most welcome to send an e-mail to patenschaft@fluechtlingshilfe-flensburg.de.

Godparenthood for refugees

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