Support by the city of Flensburg

12. Dezember 2018

Yesterday evening, the committee for public service, security and regulatory issues of the city of Flensburg decided on a three years funding for our organization – with a positive and highly satisfying outcome.

From 2019 to 2021 we will get support by the city of Flensburg with a yearly funding which will assure the infrastructure of our house at Schiffbrücke 45. With this voting people will also have the opportunity to visit our facilities in the future in order to get help and attendance, to meet each other and to participate in the different projects and activities.

With the slogan "Ein Haus für Alle" we would like to encourage people to commit themselves even more and start their own projects. We will support all people interested with our knowledge and our resources. The financial support of the city over a period of three years is an important basis for a sustainable work and important in order to apply for third-party-funds to fill the house with life and content.

Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank the city administration for the cooperation as well as all political parties which gave a clear statement about our work in yesterdays meeting. Furthermore we wish to thank all the people that supported the organization during the last four years in many different ways. Also we will be there for the people and support the social cohesion in our city in the future.

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