Intercultural house of meeting

A place for everyone!

Our intercultural house is open to everyone. People have the opportunity to receive help, to meet new people, to participate in activities, or to relax during their free time.

Our home on the Flensburger harbor consists of: two smaller meeting rooms; a bigger living room with couches, a library, TV, and foosball table; a large kitchen; and a rooftop deck. We provide free wifi and have laptops and tablets available to use on the premises.

We care about you and provide our home as a safe space to meet and interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Respectful interactions are naturally expected.

Additional activities or training sessions can be scheduled outside of the indicated work hours.  If you are interested, just contact us!

Address: Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e. V., Schiffbrücke 45, 24939 Flensburg
When: Monday to Thursday
Time: 10 am till 6 pm

Intercultural house of meeting Intercultural house of meeting Intercultural house of meeting Intercultural house of meeting

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