Godparenthood for refugees

We convey godparents with refugees/families that are looking for help while integrating in their new home.

We are happy that you are interested in a godparenthood for a refugee or a refugee family.

The idea of a godparenthood is to help refugees to help themselves. It all happens on a voluntary basis and can be canceled from both sides at any time. The godparent works voluntary and free of charge. The godparent helps the refugee where help is needed and also increases the independency.

We are aiming for a long-term relation but content and expenditure of time is up to the participants. Possibilities to help via a godparenthood could be:

  • Everyday situations such as shopping
  • Orientation in Flensburg
  • Integration in culture and society (Sport, Events, Concerts)
  • Support of the German language
  • Support with bureaucratic affairs

By profiles of the refugees and the godparents we try to find suitable partners. In this way it's possible to express and pay attention to wishes that may occur. You can download the documents in our download section.

Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V. supports you with all important questions regarding the godparenthood or the current situation in Germany. If you are planning activities or if you are looking for donations in kind feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

If you have any questions or want to get more information just write an Email to patenschaft@fluechtlingshilfe-flensburg.de.

Godparenthood for refugees

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